Allies to Prisoners (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 17:53:48 WST
From: Victor Guest <vic@daena.eepo.com.au>
To: Permaculture WA <perma@eepo.com.au>
Subject: Allies to Prisoners

                      TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

A group of involved  people ie. a steering committee have come together 
to organise a Conference/ Seminar to enable the noted groups and the General 
public to come together to exchange information about the sad state of our 
justice and gaol systems and positive changes which work.

The disfunctional attitude prevailing in debates over multiculturism, etc 
suggests that there may be room for some directional changes.

We need a transformation of the thinking of people in the community who can 
influence positive changes.There should be some positive goals for this 
gathering such as.	
                 1. To make the public aware of all of the information 
                    available to fight crime.	
                 2.To make the public aware of how to fight recividism.
                 3.To form a coalition to provide directions for our society.	
                 4.Teaching Holistic Management, RC, Permaculture Landmark 
                   Forum and Alternatives to Violence in Gaol.
                 5. ?????

What goals would you like to see for your group.You may be interested in 
offering suggestions about other groups who may be involved in similar 
work, who would like to participate. 
A possible format could be:-- a booth to Advertise your group. 
A 15min talk about your work and a 45 min public forum at the end .

We need a venue . We now have been offered UWA. Have an auditorium seats 400.
We need a date.     8th or 22nd March.
We need a name.    Still.       "What works" is what we are all about.
We need a format.   As suggested possibly.

We may need to limit participation.

Regards on behalf of the group.
Vic Guest.  

                     .Allies to Prisoners
This is a list of the participants that I have identified who could be part
of a conference on supporting Prisoners and Aboriginals.

WAIC This Institute is about teaching groups about all forms of Co-operation
. Forming Co-operatives and developing them as a part of an empowerment of 

SAFAFOODS. This company is dedicated to bringing Organic and Biodynamic food
to our community and have interests in being in a grower/consumer 
co-operative. Frank Ash (a principal unit holder also has land near 
Woorooloo prison which he is interested in  having organically farmed.

PERMACULTURE Permaculture has a positive effect on people with emotional and
stress problems. It is being taught in Gaols and also at the Teen Challenge 
farm for young drug addicts in Esperance.

ALTERNATIVES TO VIOLENCE Project. Is a program being run in gaol by people 
involved with PASS.

CITY FARM.Has a Permaculture garden and is run by Men of the Trees. Deet 
courses are run here for street kids etc. Has a MOTT youth group world wide.

REVALUATION CO-COUNSELLING.Has a network of over 200 people Statewide who 
counsel one another. Is being taught in gaols. Has a 10 hour fundamentals 
course to teach the rudiments.

ABORIGINAL EVANGELICAL CHURCH. Have people doing Gaol visits. 

MEN OF THE TREES.Plant trees in our community and have an investment in CityF
farm and young people.

BAHAI.Have a philosophy of uniting the communities of the world. Work in all 
areas of oppression.

SOMA.This organisation is about supporting  Orthomolecular Psychiatry and 
Medicine.Their latest information in support of changes to the treatment of 
prisoners is in the results of  a survey of  violence in  1500 of the most 
violent criminals in American Gaols.

YOUTH IN FOCUS.Work with street kids etc. Have taken over the role of YOUTH 
In SEARCH. Have a major focus on taking disfunctional kids on camps to teach 
them to love one another in a nonsexual way. Claim incredible changes to 
behaviour by kids, uses support groups for ongoing development

LANDMARK FORUM.Have a series of training programs starting with the Forum. 
The result of the Forum taught and videoed in a gaol in San Diego makes this 
program an opportunity for prisoners to Transform their potential.

PASS.Prisoner Advisory Support Services, is a post gaol group who are having 
excellent results in dealing with the high rate of re-affenders.PASS is also 
a Company which secures jobs for released prisoners.

HOLISTIC MANANGEMENT.This process was the featured process at the 
International Permaculture Convergance, in September 1996 .The processí of 
goal setting and financial management are having excellent results on the
creation of wealth by tribal indians in USA. Would be an excellent way to 
run prisons. And Governments.

group provide counselling support.

TEEN CHALLENGE. A christian group, who have had excellent results in drug 
rehabilitation. Have a property at Esperance and Beverley. Permaculture is 
taught to young addicts at Esperance.
Please add anyone you beleive may be interested.
Sincerely Yours 

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