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Title: Picture It -- Graphics for Bio Teachers
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Picture It

Great graphics for busy biology teachers.

This site is for biology teachers who want to tap the graphic resources of the internet but don't have a lot of time to surf. It's not meant to be comprehensive. It's only meant to bring you the best images to help make your teaching more effective.

If you don't find what you're looking for here, try general search engines such as Yahoo or some of the more-specialized biology search engines. (I highly recommend the searchable and annotated MIMS Hub.) When you find something good, please let me know at cdcramer@aol.com.

One way to use these sites is to turn your classroom video monitor into a computer display with the help of a scan converter. (See Computer Shopper's "Presentations In Prime Time" for more information. If you lack an internet connection in your classroom, programs such as WebWhacker allow you do download and organize entire websites with graphics to your local computer.

The thumbnail images with each link will give you a preview of the kind of graphics you can expect to find at the site. (If you have a slow connection, you might want to turn off the automatic image loading.) Here's how the pages of this site are organized:

Biochemistry Molecules of life, including DNA, proteins, sugars.
Cells Various types of cells and organelles.
Anatomy Interactive dissections, organs, tissues, embryology and development.
Genetics Interactive fruit fly lab, karyotype images, DNA visualizations, evolution.
Life Forms Viruses, microbes, plants, animals, other life forms.
Ecology Ecological principles and conservation and environmental issues.
Other Links Biology search engines, on-line journals, teacher pages, and other biology links.

There is some overlap, and I've listed some sites several times on different pages. Like most websites, it's under constant construction. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.

To stay abreast of internet happenings of interest to biology teachers (and so much more), consider subscribing to the biopi-l listserv, an unmoderated forum catering to the needs of biology teachers and professionals from kindergarden to University. Subscription information is available at the biopi-l home page.

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Home Biochemistry Cells Anatomy Genetics Life Forms Ecology Other Links

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