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Hydro Ram pumps and Duckbill Ram pumps

I found some web sites with hydro ram pumps, but I seem to 
recall something in Permaculture International a few years
back about a "duckbill" hydro ram pump.  

My understanding of hydro rams are that they operate by 
the fall of water (from a pond downwards), whereby the 
ram pump can then push the water uphill.  It operates off the 
force of gravity.  

The duckbill, as I recall, will work in a streambed and function 
off of the lateral movement of water.  Thus, you could place
a duckbill pump into a flowing steam and pump water uphill. 
This is different from a regular ram pump whereby a drop in water
requires an elevation change and therefore the building of
a dam in a streambed to achieve a change in height.  

A nearby remote watermelon/veggie patch in the Oklahoma Ozarks would 
benefit from a duckbill and I need some info and a supplier. 

Steve Diver