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Re: Permaculture Swale & Pond Building Workshop @ Rodale Institute

Tabloid reporters were flabbergasted when Rebecca Haring wrote:
> Rodale Institute to Hold Permaculture Swale and
> Pond Building Workshop

> Everyone is invited to enroll in the pond and swale building workshop
> October xx-xx.  All meals are included in the three-day admission
> charge of $300.  Lodging is available close by.   Enrollment is limited.
>  Please call Rodale Institute at xxx-xxx-xxxx for information and
> reservations.

While admirable, this is off-topic for the compost list.
Additionally, internet email is an inappropriate forum
for unsolicited advertising.

Please refrain from emailing unsolicited advertising in the

> Rodale Institute is an independent, non-profit public charity,
> under sections 501(c)3 and 509(a)2 of the IRS code.

I still don't want to see your advertising. 



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