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Fwd: Re: REintroduction

I think this discussion is quite pertinent,  in light of the permaculture
concept that "everything gardens".

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Subj:    Re: REintroduction
Date:    96-09-06 11:29:31 EDT
From:    DreamtimeV
To:      UrbanHarve

Ive been a cultural anarchist for 20 years & used to believe that media that
were accessible to all regardless of race & class was the only true populism.
 At this point, that ideologie misses the main point, the point is INCREASE
OUR OPTIONS EXPONENTUALLY.  DO IT ALL.  & the main arguement to your
arguement is that 1000s-1000000 of people who have never even heard the word
permaculture, will never hear it on tv or on the radio & maybe token articles
in local papers.  But on the net, we are fielding questions every day from
people who are very interested & want to know more.   It is the global brain
being hard wired.