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interLETS exchange

About international payments through LETS, 
we have a LETS system here comfortable with interLETS exchange.
This is an issue which I brought to our LETS bodies attention.  (Iwas concerned that
the international exchanges would defeat the primary aims of LETS and that
is to be a local currency.
I will be discussing it in Perth at the international conference.
Basically, our LETS accepts your currency and sends a letter of acceptance to your own body.
You may have to check with your own body if this is acceptable.
Your LETS body benefits from your commitment as you wrote, in that they get the energy injected
by your services, our Body already spends currency with other bodies Mainly for organic produce
from the nextdoor LETS body.  The only time I can see where this may come unstuck is when the richer
LETS body co-erces the indebted LETS body to repay in some way.  (seeing you are on LETs you
may like to join the discussion)