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permaculture/susag workshops


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Title: permaculture/susag workshops


permaculture/susag workshops

Hello Everyone,

Before you all run away for your vacations, I'd like to let you know about
a few courses happening here on the coast in September -  especially if
you've an interest in or  curiosity about Permaculture........ have a
wonderful summer!

Beth Lischeron

Malaspina University College Cowichan Campus offers Courses in Sustainable
Agriculture and Organic Gardening

Based on his extensive experience as an organic farmer and permaculture
designer, Island Permaculture Foundation  director Stuart Stillie will
share his knowledge of sustainable agriculture systems and their
implimentation in two courses being offered by  Malaspina University
College this autumn. In addition, a Permaculture Introductory Weekend will
take place on Salt Spring Island in mid-September.

* Agricultural Sustainability for the Twenty-First Century
Certificate Program

Malaspina University College is offering a 120 hour non-credit, part-time
certificate program in Agricultural Sustainability over two semesters
starting September 24th, 1996. The program will provide examples of
existing sustainable projects, as well as a functional framework, guidance
and hands-on activities geared toward achieving agricultural and
horticultural systems which are self-sustaining, resource-conserving,
energy efficient and economically viable.

The course will benifit farmers, landowners, home gardeners and all those
directly concerned about the quality of our food and the environment.
Landscape designers, ecologists and municipal planners will also find much
of practical value in both course material and field trips.

An information session will take place at Malaspina from 7 - 8.30 pm on
Tuesday 17th September - all are welcome, but please pre-register by
calling Malaspina @ 1-604-746-3519.


* Organic Gardening: Growing Nature's  Way

Learn about the fundamental techniques and strategies of organic growing -
how to work as closely as possible with nature to create a healthy,
balanced environment in your garden or yard - from vegetable production to
flower growing. A Saturday field trip is also included. The course will run
for 5 sessions from October 24th - November 21st. Please call Malaspina @
1-604-746-3519 for more information.


* Common Good Permaculture *
presents an Introduction to Permaculture Weekend
* Patterns of Sustainability *

Permaculture is a consciously designed, holistic system of land use which
can be applied in any context or on any scale from urban backyard to farm
or forest. Permaculture is concerned with all the elements in a system and
their placement in a mutually benificial and cooperative pattern. Using
nature as a template, Permaculture seeks to mimic the energy flows, cycles
and inter-relationships which occur in an intact ecosystem to create
dynamic stability and abundance.

The Patterns of Sustainability workshop will take place on Saltspring
Island at Gaia's Ark Farm, a stunning 55 acre site just north of the town
of Ganges. Gaia's Ark Farm is the home of Sheri Berkowitz and Jim Proctor,
who were drawn to Permaculture from backgrounds in human nutrition, yoga
and organic gardening. They completed the Permaculture Consultant's Design
Course in Australia in 1995. The farm encompasses a variety of
microclimates from forest to pasture, orchards and human settlements. The
site will support participants' experience, exploration and discussion of
how the many components of a natural system interact from a Permaculture

Scottish organic farmer and Permaculture designer, Stuart Stillie will lead
the workshop with the support of Jim and Sheri. Stuart spent ten years
running a traditional Scottish croft before completing the Permaculture
Design Course at the Worcester College of Agriculture in 1992. He has since
visited Permaculture projects from NZ to Scandinavia and Japan, spending
the past two years creating a Permaculture plan for the Plati Biodiversity
Sanctuary in Ariege, France.

The workshop will explore * Principles of Permaculture *
* Broadscale Site Design *
* The House & Home Garden * Tree Crops & Food Forests *
* Urban & Community Strategies *

* Workshop Dates *
Friday 13th Sept. 7 pm through Sunday 15th Sept. 4 pm.

Cost: CDN $275.00 per person, CDN $500.00 per couple. Workshop Fees include
16 hours of instruction, six meals and on-site camping (Bed & Breakfast can
be arranged). Please call Island Permaculture Foundation @ 604-743-1810 or
fax 604-743-6712 for more details or to register. Book early as space is
very limited.

for information on any of the above, please contact:
Island Permaculture Foundation
3500 Telegraph Road Cobble Hill
British Columbia V0R 1L0
p: 604-743-1810 fax: 604-743-6712
e-amil: Dragon@mail.islandnet.com