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Re: Privacy, Peace and Permaculture Promotion

>BTW, I plan to start a permaculture newsgroup soon. It won't be in the
>Usenet mainstream or an alt. group; it will be offered by a
>standalone, publically-accessable nntp news server, offering only a few
>newsgroups, to be set up here at sunSITE in the near future.

Lawrence I still have my hierarchy own.* with own.eco.permaculture and
own.eco.lets that should be available via UUnet. Maybe we can use that? I
had many problems distributing this and it is now really *empty*.

(OWN <URL:http://www.kiel.netsurf.de/homes/Thilo.Pfennig/own.html>
means One World Net, a project of my own, which I use to help people in
networking and communication (BODHI = Buddhist Organsization in Australia,
AFRONETZ = German Africans , my buddhist friends anyway,etc.) Until now
there are only a view things happening (including some contacts to
Cambodia) - I do this all on my own (Mac ;) ). But I see that one man can
do many things to provide information and to help taht things get going.

>I'm open to suggestions for other pc-related newsgroups I can form here.
>Having our own server for a pc newsgroup makes it difficult for spammers
>and other bottom-feeding organisms to find it.

Maybe we can make a link from your newsserver to one here in Germany - and
than from sunsite to an university of interest in Australia (and so on)?

What is own.* now:

own.admin               One World Net News-Administration
own.eco.lets            Local Exchange Trading Systems
own.eco.permaculture    Permanent (Agri)culture
own.general             general discussion about the "One World Net"
own.health.bach_flowers Dr.Edward Bachs Flower
own.health.homoeopathy  Samuel Hahnemann's System
own.health.reiki        Dr.Usui's System
own.test                Just testing
own.tibet.wtn           World Tibet News <wtn-editors@utcc.utoronto.ca>

(Eco stands for economy *and* ecology, which I found best as a
sub-hierarchy for Permaculture and LETS)

What do you think?