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Re: Permaculture in a Burr Oak Nutshell

<For example, I feel that sustainable agriculture doesn't exist and can't.
 Sustainable food systems have and their relationship to permaculture is that
of a stomach to a whole person. 

Coming from the land of sustainable ag (read agribiz), where there is
 tremendous amount of PR poured into selling the idea of sustainable ag to
the general public, I have to heartily agree with Dan H.    I mean how many
Banvel & Roundup commercials with beautiful green fields & waterfalls &
perfect corn can us eco-consumers stomach?  Sustainable ag in the midwest
still means MONOCULTURE.

This is one of the reasons why it has always been a struggle to put on
permaculture courses in Wisconsin, because people here believe that
sustainable ag as promoted by the university extension addresses the problems
& there is no reason to search for anything more.

Miekal And
Dreamtime Village