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Bamboo in the Pacific NorthWest

Permies of the NorthWest unite around bamboo!

Bamboo in permaculture is an excellent fit as bamboo is so much more than
just a plant. Bamboo is a prime resource and community revitalization tool.
It defines sustainable as regenerative. No other plant family has so many
uses or so few downsides. Or offers so much variety and comfort. 

Lest you get any more mythology about bamboo, there is an excellent and very
active bamboo society in the Pacific NorthWest. 

Suffice it to say that there is a bamboo which will thrive in almost any
temperate or tropical microclimate. The Pacific NorthWest is an excellent
general area for bamboo. There are big aggressive guys which need a bit of
management a couple of times a year. They will build your house for you!
There are delicate little people who cover the ground beautifully. Some would
be wonderful in rock gardens. They come in all sizes and densities, airy and
light, dark and shadowy. There are strong, tenacious bamboos which are among
the best hillholders and water barriers possible. 

Phil Davidson is newsletter editor of the PNW Chapter of the American Bamboo
Society <bamboo1@ix.netcom.com>

Gib Cooper has Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery <bambugib@harborside.com> and

Rick Valley does Northern Groves in Portland at 503 774-6353

Simon Henderson, Daphne Lewis and Stuart Brune do Bamboo People, Stuart at
206 788-5292, Daphne at 206 781-1437 and Simon <simonh@sos.net>. Simon and
Daphne are off to sourthern Mexico at the moment, I think. Bamboo People are
developing larger scale bamboo plantings, publishings and teachings. Simon is
a very competent permaculture design consultant and outstanding teacher.

Bamboo Gardens of Washington, Redmond, 206 868-5166

Dahl Tropicals, Poulsbo, 360 598-5544

Torii Station Bamboos, Tacoma, 206 588-0662

Ned Jacquith does The Bamboo Garden in Portland, 503 231-7322

The American Bamboo Society publishes and annual Source List in April which
lists most of the bamboos which grow in North America. The Source list gives
data on expected height and diameter of a bamboo species when mature as well
as minimum temperature it will probably endure as well as a five step
sun-shade indicator. Join the PNW Chapter and ABS for $30.00/year. Contact
Phil Davidson, 10416 107th St Court, Tacoma WA 98498.

The ABS Source List is on the ABS website: <http://www.bamboo.org/abs/>. You
will find links there to bamboo sites all over the world.

To join the internet bamboo list: send the message SUBSCRIBE BAMBOO to
<maiser@housing.ucsc.edu>, postings, once subscribed, are to

Milo Clark