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Re: Bamboo in the Atlantic NorthWest

Hi. I resently built a small hybrid lean-too x polytunnel in my backyard,
using (dried) bamboo bent round 90 degrees to form the main struts. The
bamboos were eight foot long, and not wider than 0.5 inches at their widest
ends. I would like to expand the concept by using natural resources to form
the main strutts of a 'low impact' full size polytunnel. I thought of using
hazel poles. I also thught of bamboo. The problem is, the poles need to be
some 3.5 meters (10 ft) long, and sturdy - at least 1 inch in diameter. I
have never seen a bamboo of this girth. Could one be bent to 90 degrees ?
Are they more flexible before they dry out ? Also, what is the growing rate
of bamboo compared with other species (how many years does it take to reach
a height of 10 feet, 20 feet, etc) ?

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