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Permaculture in Guatemala: restoring indigenous culture. Melb 21Oct96

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          RONALDO LEC AJCOT, Asociacion Ijaitz 
              San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala
 Permaculture: Restoring indigenous culture in Guatemala

             7pm, Monday, 21 October 1996
          Australian Conservation Foundation
                340 Gore St, Fitzroy
                Melbourne, Australia

Ronaldo has been working for two years in his village of San Lucas Toliman,
on the shores of Lake Atitlan, with those who have maintained their
traditional agriculture and medicinal plant knowledge.  

"Our cultural essence is agriculture".

The people of this region speak Kaqchikel, a Mayan language.  Indigenous
culture is still strong in Guatemala, surviving more than 500 years of
European onslaught, the most recent being one of the region's longest civil
wars.  Ronaldo will also speak of this struggle.

Ronaldo's presentation will be in English and will be accompanied by slides.

Ronaldo will have some valuable examples of Guatemalan craft and wall
hangings for sale, the proceeds going to support his travel expenses.

Telephone Adam Tiller at the ACF for more information: (03) 9416 1166
Email: adamt@peg.apc.org
Presented by the Permaculture Global Assistance Network (PGAN)
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Please forward this message to people who are interested in indigenous
cultures, Latin America, agriculture, permaculture, or popular struggles.

There is much activity in Australia following up on the Sixth International
Permaculture Conference (IPC6), held in Perth the first weeks of October.
Watch http://www.iinet.net.au/~pdare/ipc6 for details of the conference and

The following IPC6 presenters will also in Melbourne in the next three
weeks, sponsored by PGAN:

Joss Brooks, Mr Kanyapan, Anita Trucanis
Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India.
These three people work on many permaculture and related projects,
including indigenous architecture, ethnobotany, medicinal plants.
In Melbourne 14-18 October.  Slide show.  Available for meetings.
Telephone John on 9534 2580.

Eugenio (Ken) Gras
Permaculture in Central Mexico.
Eugenio will be in Victoria until November.
Telephone Wayne Wadsworth on 9481 8209

Liliana Pirez
Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Urban Permaculture and Community Development in favelas in the Wet Tropics.
Telephone Adam Tiller on 9416 1166

Tony Jansen, APACE
Preserving traditional agriculture in the Solomon Islands.
Slide Show and Presentation: Transition from shifting to permament
Wed 6 November (date to be confirmed - does this clash with anything?)
(Tony will be in Melbourne for the week available for meetings, interviews,
Telephone Adam at ACF (03) 9416 1166, or APACE in Sydney on (02) 330 2554
Or see http://pactok.net.au/docs/apace/home.htm

Also available for media interviews, project queries, etc, are:

Mr Narasanah
Permaculture Institute, Andra Pradesh, India
"Land-based activism" - Narasanah's work is the most humble, the most
ethical and the most impressive of all.  The staff of Institute, including
Narasanah's wife, work with the poorest of the poor, always beside the
farmer in the field and the garden, never in a classroom.  Most of their
work is with women.  Narasanah only teaches what he does himself.
Narasanah is available at the Permaculture Institute, Tyalgum, NSW or on
telephone: 066 793 442

Ali Sharif, Geoff Lawson
Permacultura America Latina (PAL)
Ecuador, Peru, Brazil
PAL works under the most extreme conditions with some of the most
marginalised people of Latina America - from the high Andes to the Amazon
Ali speaks excellent English and is available for the next week at the
Permaculture Institute, Tyalgum, NSW or on telephone: 066 793 442.
Geoff Lawson lives in Queensland, and is available on 074 425 644.

Sarah Wright
Recently returned to Sydney after working for a year on the ACF Urban Food
Gardener Education Project in Havana, Cuba.
tel Sarah in Sydney on (02) 9310 7031 or Adam in Melbourne on (03) 9416 1166
Or see http://www.peg.apc.org/~adamt/cuba/

All the above programs are seeking volunteers.
Contact PGAN for more information.

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