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Re: Plant Suppliers

Hi Rich Morris:

We publish a database, available on disk or as print-out called the
Permaculture Supplier List that provides the information that you seek and
more. Of the 887 suppliers listed this morning, about 2/3, at a guess, are
suppliers of plant propagation materials such as seeds, rootstocks, container
plants, bare-root stock, etc. We also distribute, as do many permaculture
organizations, Cornucopia, a book which gives extensive listings worldwide of
plants that have any food use as well listing their alternate uses.
Cornucopia is also available on disk.  In addition, we publish exclusively
Plants for Use in Permaculture in the Tropics as one of our regular papers
and offer an Inventory of Tropical Vegetables on special order.  Note that
many parts of the US have tropical climates, e.g. Puerto Rico, the US Virgin
Islands, the state of Hawaii, American Samoa and the Marshall Islands.  In
addition, we have specialized data bases for particular plant use, mainly on
our special order list.  In your own country, Agroforestry Research Trust in
Dartington is an important source of speices native to the US as well of
European origin and has additional resource lists. This is an outstanding
resource and cannot be supported too much. Finally, we have a genetic
resources catogeory of our organization database, TRIP (The Resources of
International Permaculture). TRIP contains 110 entries, as of this morning,
in the Genetic Resources category, with most of these concerned with plants.
 Overall, TRIP contains 2074 entries this morning and these are regularly
updated by more or less continual verification mailings and emailngs.

Given the permaculture ethic that we do not compete with each other, please
consider supporting existing work that has been done to make such informtion
available instead of undercutting our efforts.  It is also important to
support other groups, instead of undercutting.  These include North American
Fruit Explorers (NAFEX),  Northern Nut Growers Assn (NNGA) and the upcoming
Temperate Bamboo Quarterly (TBQ) Bamboo Yellow Pages.

Thanks.  I hope that this information proves helpful.

For Mother Earth, Dan Hemenway, Yankee Permaculture Publications (since
1982), Elfin Permaculture workshops, lectures, Permaculture Design Courses,
consulting and permaculture designs (since 1981), now offering by email a
Permaculture Design Correspondence Course. Copyright, 1996, Dan & Cynthia
Hemenway. YankeePerm@aol.com  

We don't have time to rush.