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Re: subscribe

Rebbry@aol.com wrote:
> subscribe Rebecca Bryant

(This being the 8th in a row from various people)

Let me guess - someone published something about this list and got the
subscribe information wrong?

This isn't going to help anyone who isn't subscribed already, but in
case someone's reading this who has published it wrong, here's how to do

To subscribe, send a mail to almanac@ces.ncsu.edu
   ---------                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

With the message:

subscribe permaculture-mg

You don't need to include your real name - it'll get that from the mail
'envelope'.  When you've done that, you'll get a message back telling
you how to unsubscribe again - Keep it, or print it out!

In case you didn't (slapped wristies ;-):

To unsubscribe, send a mail to almanac@ces.ncsu.edu
   -----------                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

With the message:

unsubscribe permaculture-mg

This has been a public service announcement...

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