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"Creating an Ecological Economic Future: The Natural Step"

Paul Hawken is the author of the bestselling books The Ecology of Commerce,
Growing a Business and The New Economy.  He  is presently the Chair, The
Natural Step (USA) and on the Board of Directors of Friends of the Earth and
Second Nature.

The Natural Step (TNS) is both a framework and growing network of nonprofit
training organizations that build consensus on the nature of environmental
problems and provide a framework for action.  TNS uses a science-based
systems approach to explain the links between ecology and economy, and
offers a way to plot society's move from an unsustainable, linear model to a
more sustainable, cyclical one.

Date:   Friday November 8, 1996
Location: Sutton Place Hotel, 845 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Time: 12:00 noon - 2:00
Cost: 35$
Registration:  call Innovation Strategies Inc. at 886-0957 or fax 886-0967

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