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CD-ROM on Desert Plants

Two sources (HortIdeas and Native Seeds/SEARCH) listed
the following CD-ROM: 

"Desert Landscaping: Plants for a Water-Scarce Environment" is 
a multi-media CD-ROM plant selector developed at The University 
of Arizona's Water Resources Research Center. 

The database cover 600 low-water-use plants adapted to arid
lands conditions.  Includes plant size and growth rate, soil
and sun requirements, irrigation needs, places of origin,
allergins, wildlife interactions, and dozens of other useful
factors.  An audio feature includes botanical
pronunciations.  The CD-ROM also features 1,500 full-screen color 
photos of plants, including close-ups as well as wide shots.  

The CD-ROM is PC 486-compatible requiring Windows 3.1 or
better, etc.  A Mac-version will come out next year. Cost is 
$25 from: 

Water Resources Research Center 
The University of Arizona
350 N. Campbell
Tucson, AZ  85721