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The Permaculturist's CD-ROM Library: Western Garden CD-ROM

For the Permaculturist's CD-ROM Library:
   * Western Garden CD-ROM

>From the Editors of Sunset Magazine, is The Western Garden 

The WG-CD-ROM is an interactive guide to yards and gardens 
in the Western U.S.  It contains a browsable database
of 6,000+ plant descriptions.  A search on zip code will pull
up a list of plants suitable to any given climate. 

It contains more 1,000 color photos, and 28 informative
video clips from Sunset's master gardeners.  You can create
notes about plants in customized Garden Notebooks. 

PC and Mac versions are both available, CD-ROM drive etc 
are basic requirements. 

Cost is $49.95 through: 

American Nurseryman
Attn:  Book Department
77 W. Washington Street, Suite 2100
Chicago, IL  60602-2904
Tel:  800-621-5727
Tel:  312-782-5505
Fax:  312-782-3232

American Nursery Horticultural Books, Videos, and 
Software catalog is a goldmine of resources with over
700 titles.  Included are many titles on: 

  * Natural Gardens
  * Wildflowers
  * Native Plants
  * Wild Lawns
  * Plant Conservation
  * Nursery Production