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open day - welcoming supporters

Open Day Program:
10.00-11.00  Construction of Tyre Pond and Shade tolerant plant species.
11.15 Refreshments for workers
11.30-12.00  Seed Raising techniques, being active for Seed Savers.
12.00 Lunch - Please BYO, alternatively lunch can be purchased at Village Pub next-door
1.30 Short Tour of the Gardens.
2.30 Guest talk on Community Gardens
3.30 Handling poultry, how to herd ducks and chickens, how to catch and hold them, signs of good health
3.45 Vermiculture, Compost worms and Soil Worms.  How to herd worms, egg capsules and breeding habits, bedding, temperature control, pests and nutrition.
4.00 Constructing a no-dig garden with minimal materials and no soil.
5.00  Afternoon Tea. Please bring a plate.
If you wish to make a contribution as a gesture of thanks, we ask you to send seed and or money to John Hunwick of Uganda who has set up permaculture gardens for Orphans in Rwanda.  Details available at Open Day.

Contact Leisure Coast Permaculture Visions
Mt Kembla NSW
042 843776