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Permaculture Global Bioliography

Greetings friends...

At September - October's International Permaculture Convergence in 
Western Australia it was thought time to produce:

* a bibliography of books, videos, periodicals, CD-ROM's, databases and 
other media/ publications which are directly related to the practice of 

*	a list of permaculture publication (including video/ still 
photography/ multimedia/ on-line) editors, writers and producers

*	a listing of permaculture periodicals (magazines, journals).

Pacific Edge Permaculture agreed to take on the role of producing this 
resource. The bibliography and other listings would appear in print and, 
if possible, as an on-line WWW resource.

We would like to invite you to participate in this endeavour.

If you wamt to participate, please submit proposals for inclusion in the 
bibliography and associated listings.

Submissions may be emailed or posted to the addresses which appear on 
the tail of this letter.


To compile a database of various media which are DIRECTLY related to the 
implementation of permaculture design.

Submissions may be any media - books, periodicals, videos, CD-ROM's or 
other formats.

Publications submitted must be DIRECTLY relevant to permaculture design 
and implementation.

Submissions will be assessed, where possible, for inclusion. Some 
submissions may not be included where they are considered to be 
indirectly relevant to permaculture practice.

In this order: 
1. Title of publication.
2. Author (s)/ editors; year of publication; publisher; publishers city/ 								
3. Brief description:
			- at whom is the publication aimed?
			-	brief rundown of contents
			-	your impressions of the publication
			-	why publication is directly relevant to permaculture design and 
4. If the publication is not widely available, please include the 
address from where it can be purchased.

This information may be edited for length and relevancy.

*	Videos: Please tell us what format the video is produced in (eg PAL).

*	Children's publications: What age group is the publication written 
Would it be useful to the practice of permaculture in schools?

NON-ENGLISH LANGUAGE PUBLICATIONS: Same format of reporting as for 
SUBMISSIONS (above) plus language published in.

Please attach other information you consider relevant.

ANOTHER idea coming from the Sixth International Permaculture 
Convergence publishing group was to compile a listing of permaculture 
publishers, editors, writers and periodicals.

If you are, work for or know any of the above, please submit details in 
the following order:

A/ Name of publisher
B/ ADDRESS/ phone/ fax/ email/ World Wide Web address
C/	Titles and year of your publications which are relevant to 
D/	Other relevant information.

Are you a writer or editor for permaculture literature?

Please let us know:
A/ Your name
2/ Address (post, phone, fax, email, WWW)
3/ Titles and year of any permaculture publications you have written/ 
4/ Your company name or whether you are freelance.
5/ Other relevant experience.

1/ Name of periodical.
2/ Frequency of publication (ie. monthly, quarterly, annual etc).
3/ Address of periodical.
4/ Name of editor.
5/ Brief description of periodical.
6/ Target readership.
7/ Brief description of contents.

1. Has anyone heard of a book entitled "Two Ears of Corn"?

If you have, could you let us know from where we can acquire a copy and 
the publication details/ description. We would be interested in 
obtaining a review copy.

2. Does anyone know the publisher of the revised edition of Jean 
Jeavon's book "How to Grow More Vegetables", about biointensive 

I believe it first appeared in the 1970's but has been republished in 
the 1990's.

We would be interested in acquiring a copy for review in several 
publications in Australia, and to assess whether the book contains 
techniques and approaches relevant to overseas development assistance 

3. There is also a book published in North America on semi-arid  
gardening/ small scale farming in developing countries which, I believe, 
focuses on South America. 

Does anyone know what this title may be and from where we can obtain a 

Thanks for your assistance in this endeavour.

Russ Grayson and Fiona Campbell
PO Box 446, Kogarah NSW 2217 AUSTRALIA

Phone	02-9588 6931	(IDD-61+2+9588 6931)
Fax 	02 330 2611 (Mark fax: ATTN: RUSS GRAYSON - APACE) 
	    (IDD-61+2+330 2611)
Email: pacedge@magna.com.au

Permaculture education, publishing, design. 
NSW co-ordinator, Australian City Farms and Gardens Network.