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See, Jalapa?

Helander Dance Theater (HDT), Boulder, Coloraodo's own Modern Dance Company,
has embraked on a unique project called Hearth to Hearth. Hearth to Hearth
1996 is the first year of a four-year project that celebrates Boulder's four
Sister Cities through dance, music and the visual arts. Boulder's Sisiter
Cites are   Dushanbe, Tajikistan - Jalapa, Nicaragua - Yamagata Japan - and
Lhasa ,Tibet.  August 16 through September 15, 1996  Hearth to Hearth
 presented dance concerts, visual art exhibits and public forums  in various
community venues that concerned sister city way of life, dance and music
traditions and related issues. It was a huge success, particulary the concert
by HDT Unseen Images: Boulder Dushanbe on the 40th Parallel.  the concert
featured HDT modern dance interwoven with traditional music and dance from
Tajikistan performed by Tajik artists.   Next year our concert focus will be
Jalapa, Nicaragua.  

Which brings me to my point. We will be traveling to Nicaragua in late March.
We will be hosted by members of a Nicaraguan dance company and spend time
learning about the dances of Latin America as well as the history of our
little sister city, Jalapa. The Boulder/Jalapa freind ship group has has a
tremedously successful water project in the area. Their potable water project
has saved the lives of over 500 children in the last five years.  We are
looking ofrward to raising the public's awareness of this proejct and others
through dance and visual arts presneted in Boulder.  Would any one be
interested in going with us?  Aritsts, journalists,  dancers,  engineers or
any one with a keen interest and a willigness to help out is welcome.  Please
e-mail me if interested!