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Development Worker for Jalapa, Nicaragua

Boulder-Jalapa Friendship City Projects [Colorado-based] is looking for a
development worker to live and work in the Jalapa, Nicaragua area. Our
current development worker, Brendan Shea is planning on returning permanently
to Colorado next year after six productive years in Nicaragua.

The requirements for this position is the applicant be a least 21 years old,
live in Colorado (or a nearby state), be willing to commit to living for two
years in rural Nicaragua, and have some experience with development and
community organizing. Knowledge of Spanish and Latin American culture is
helpful but not required.

The worker can chose their own project in the Jalapa area,  with the advice
and agreement of the FCP board. Potable water, reforestation, education and
community banking projects are possible.

The position pays a living stipend of  $375 per month ( which is enough to
live on in rural Nicaragua) plus medical insurance. 

Interested persons should send their resume and letter of  introduction to:
Friendship City Projects, PO BOX 7452, Boulder, CO 80306 or reply by e-mail
to <bjfcp@igc.apc.org>.