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Permaculture recipes in Season

Reading about the situation of having a good array of in season
vegetables, but not knowing what to do with them all led me to
wonder if there is someone who could host a list oriented in
this direction that would be helpful to permaculturists, home
gardeners, and members of CSAs as well as anyone buying from
local gardeners.

With people in different zones, it would benefit the most people
to run with what people would have in zone 7 or 8, I would think.
The people in colder zones would just get the recipes ahead of
when they would need them.

What I would envision is the listowner selecting several food items
each week as the focus and then people contributing recipes based
on them.

Most desirable recipes would consist of :
1) Those foods only
2) Those foods with cooking condiments (herbs, spices, flour, etc)
3) #2 and foods harvested recently
4) #2 and dairy/eggs
5) #2 foods harvested longer ago such as peas, potatoes and last
   summer's preserved tomatoes
6) #2 and meat
7) and so forth

so that most focus would be on current fresh items with optional
supporting ingredients

If anyone has a site and could do the list maintenance activities,
I would be willing to do the work to come up with a list of
in season food items each week.

I think there would be lots of people on gardening, recipe,
ecobalance, CSA, etc lists that would appreciate a list like

Some possible names are:
or .....?