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Re: sustainable communities

In a message dated 1/3/97 10:28:42 PM, erba@lincolnu.edu (Andrew Erb) wrote:

>I would like info/advice on building and sustainable communities.   
>Is it possible to have a sustainable community without limiting the 
>population density?  I'm trying to get a feel for what the values of 
>"permaculture" are.
>Andrew Erb
>2119 B Millbrook Ct. 
>Jefferson City, MO USA 65101

Yes and no.  Cluster development, where people are bunched together leaving
more uninhabited (by human) lands around them, works.  New York City (or
Mexico City, etc.,) does not, ever.  Four thousand people per block, which
was the population density where I lived for a time ont he lower-East-side of
NY, is too concentrated.  There are limits to everything.  

Cluster reduces many kinds of transport, particularly with good permaculture
design of food, energy and water systems.  Transport is a major energy sink
in the "developed" world.  

Contact me privately if you want more help on your particular community.

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