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Re: NOT just farming

In a message dated 1/10/97 11:16:30 PM, askpv@ozemail.com.au (April
Sampson-Kelly) wrote:

>The only way forward is to bring the farms to the people
>and their waste containing those minerals BACK to the farm
>and the easiest way to do this is to live in FARM-like villages.
>When people realise that permaculture is not really about farming
>it really a threat to farmers - that's when people get upset.
>I do see a future for the farmer.  I see a return to caring for 
>a wider circle people - an extended family with their dwellings forming
>the neucleus of the village.  They are united in their care and love
>for each othe and their land.

Well, given the scale of change that is needed and the entrenchment of
interestes vested in the food system of dependence we call agriculture,
present day farmers have little to worry about.  We should be supporting the
family farmer, in my opinion, and the small holder while promoting
bioregional independence.  I'll eat a mango once in a while, though I don't
see any growing around here.  But I know for myself if the trucks stop
rolling with produce, I'll probably just eat a better diet because the exotic
and junk food I like won't be available.  

As I see it, the problem isn't ending farming, the problem is keeping it
working long enough to replace it with permaculutre.  If the system collapses
before we are ready, then there will be a real nasty time.  While this seems
all but inevitable, nonetheless I'm for trying to avoid it.

Meanwhile, I'm more concerned with the direction of permaculture.  I see too
many people taking short cuts because time appears to be short (and probably
is.)  The fact is that short cuts move us further from our goal.  As
designers we should know that, those of us who actually ARE designers.  We
only have time to do it right ONCE.  If we can hold the deterioriation of
global systems at bay long enough for the next generation to make some
progress toward healing them, we will have done a monumental job.  Meanwhile,
one's best is always perfect as what more could you do?

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