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Re: Harassed Permies

Paul Gill, Canberra, NSW, Australia

Sorry to hear about some local nutcase killing your livestock and torching

Unfortunately, you seem to be victim to a rather common reaction to
difference. That you choose to identify your difference as "permaculture" may
be unconnected to the reactions. The kinds of people who react in these ways
are called various names, perhaps the least of which may be reactionary.
There is also a rather high incidence of such minds among the authorities,
constabulary and self-appointed enforcers of sameness. Moving probably won't
solve anything, either, as you note. 

We sometimes have "success" in formal attempts at conflict resolution,
mediation and such. Dealing with the physical looses is one thing. The
presence of random violence beyond common reason with anticipation of
repeated offenses haunting every night is both sickening and saddening. Most
often survival amounts adopting a bit of protective coloration, local camo
and hanging around long enough to find some degree of acceptance. 

I suspect there are others in the community who view these actions as
cowardly, in the least. Seeking alliances with them or shaping their opinions
in some forms of overt support may lead to unexpected benefits. Often,
silence is seen as approval and encouragement.

Milo Clark
Berkeley CA USA