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Re: Harassed Permies

In a message dated 97-01-12 07:56:32 EST, Elfpermacl@aol.com writes:

<< If you stay, I advise you to bring every conceivable form of wrath down on
 the people who are harassing you.  The meek won't inherit the Earth if they
 are already dead.   >>

This is very poor advice.  Many of your other responses to peoples queries
about  permaculture have led us to believe that you are a very wise person,
but now I am wondering??  What if  these people followed your advice?  This
is how wars are started.  Just shift the scale to a national level.
 Retaliation does not work.
  Without knowing all the details of the situation it is diificult to advise
these folks how to respond.  I would like to know how this kind of behavior
was solicitted.  Rarely does this kind of blatant attack come without some
kind of provocation.  Maybe the victims don't feel they did anything ...
 Something is going on... Look at the deeper issues.  the answer is right in
front of you, not in cyberspace. Best wishes  JB