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more on snails?


Now, I wouldn't want to rush into anything beyond agreeing with you about
possible food value for the unsquemish or to say anything to dissuade snail
stompers with finicky noses. Some folks determined to kill off snails
unnnatural-like advocate putting out a basin of beer so at least they can be
happy when killed. Beats the snailbait stuff, but I have only tried it (the
beer that is) once or twice to get them in mood to talk about mutual
opportunities and problems in sharing.

Can't say I have ever analyzed powdered snail shell to see if there was
anything more than calcium carbonate. My hit is that there gotta be some
trace minerals of possible benefit in those shells. Haven't got that kind of
money or lab equipment. Might be a worthwhile project, though. Maybe get
somebody a Ph.D. at one of those fancy schools or something.

Meanwhile, one of my personal way to deal with snails getting more than their
share is to have extended conversations with snail devas. Be surprised what
they have to say. Other than just being left alone, they sorta like the idea
of contributing positively to pleasant breezes by becoming windchimes or
adding to better soils by providing some grit maybe even helping add some
trace minerals back. After all, the whole remineralization business is about
restoring trace minerals to depleted or deficient soils. If that doesn't turn
you on, call it some free grit around which water, air and such can organize
themselves to break up clay or loosen up the soil just a bit more than doing

Always glad to get your hit on matters of import.

Milo Clark