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Re: (Fwd) practical use for snails?

In a message dated 1/14/97 1:53:14 PM, peltier@isi.edu (Jennifer Peltier)

>I strongly second the use of Ducks.  I have 2 in my yard where I am
>slowly establishing a sustainable environment.  I have found them to
>integrate nicely.  They are like walking fertilizer makers.  The lawn
>(which will be gone soon) is green, lush and free of pill bugs and
>snails which were both a major problem when we moved in 5 years ago.
>The fruit tress are greener than ever.  I do not fertilize anything
>except the vegetables, occassionaly, and these are raised and out of
>ducks' reach.  I do use compost throughout the yard but the greatest
>and most noticable impovements in plant health started about a year
>after the ducks moved in.  Their whole lives revolve around finding
>bugs so they actually get bored in the summers when we have dry air
>and no rain (Southern CA).  Hand in hand with bug hunts is areation of
>the area they're searching.  They have a small wading pool in a back corner
>and I use leaves or evergreen cuttings for bedding, I get lettuce
>scraps from a local farmer's market (free) or they get garden/vegetable 
>scraps.  The pool water gets drained about 1x a week in the summer and
>this water (full of duck "fertilizer") is siphoned off into the gardens
>or fruit trees.  They augment their diet with bugs and really enjoy
>the work!  I have not seen a snail, not even in the separate vegetable
>gardens in 2 years (not that they're not there, just not as
>prevalent).  People ask me if they fly.  Since I raised them, they
>imprinted on me and since I do not fly (at least not knowingly :) )
>...neither do they.  
>Take care, Jennifer
>PS:  They are great pets, live amongst our dogs (ok, so maybe the dogs
>are a little frustrated), and they are sheer entertainment as well as
>wonderful gardeners.
>> I have one word:
>> Ducks.
Hi Ducks:

Amen.  I'd like to get some ducks here, but I'm afraid they will head for the
water and get et by alligators.  Any permaculture alligator repellant
recipies out there? Maybe I could strap a large hook to the back of a very
old duck that has stopped laying, eh?  I'm just afraid that the necessary
chain (they'll bite though nylon) will drown the duck.  Anyone with
experience bottom fishing for alligators?

Ah well, we have the weather of heaven (this time of year) but the wildlife
of hell.  

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