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Re: request for information/assistance

At 11:02 AM 1/25/97 -0500, FranksFarm@aol.com wrote:
>I'm looking for practical, commercial scale tips and advice. I prefer to go
>for organic certification, but I don't know if it's possible/realistic on a
>commercial scale in my area.
>Most extension folk are quite negative, full of omenous  warnings, and
>recommend all sorts of pesticides that scare the hell out of me!
>I'd like to direct market my produce to my customers via a local CSA, or
>buying club.

The best periodical we have found for exactly this type of information is:
  Growing for Market
  P.O. Box 3747
  Lawrence, KS  66046

Lynn does an outstanding job--she is a market gardener herself and delves
into the questions and problems growers really face.  We rely on it
constantly for all sorts of information.  Also, check into the back issues
she has available.

>I'm originally from NY, and am attempting to gather as much info on southern
>markets; preferred vegetable varieties, local preferences as possible.
>Any help, advice , comments you or others on the list can give me would be
>most appreciated.

Start small and grow.  Sell to retail customers rather than wholesale.
Listen and develop relationships; people will tell you clearly what they want.

  Greg Jarrett     gregj9@intellinet.com
   P.O. Box 93
    Fox, Arkansas  72051
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