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Re: Permaculture market garden [PC class file under nutrient cycles, cr economic

At 10:14 AM 1/26/97 -0500, Elfpermacl@aol.com wrote:
(worthwhile stuff on permaculture gardening methods deleted)

>I'm going to have to end my input on this theme here or there is no incentive
>to read our journals and take our course.

Silly me.  And here I thought this list was for distributing information on
Permaculture methods, not just so that you can give us "incentives"
(translation: advertising) to pay you money for the stuff.

With an attitude like that, I have absolutely *no* incentive to receive
instruction directly from you, as I've had enough instruction via role model
of condescending, egotistical, "One Right True And Only Way" behavior to
last me this lifetime.

Are you here to share your surplus, or are you just here to harvest?

(Apologies to the rest of the list...but this has really been bugging me
lately.  Does anyone else have thoughts on what type of example a
Permaculture designer/instructor should set by the way s/he lives their life?)

Loren Davidson      
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