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Re: Allies to Prisoners (fwd)

In a message dated 1/29/97 2:42:01 PM, london@sunsite.unc.edu (Lawrence F.
London, Jr.) wrote:

>                      TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
>A group of involved  people ie. a steering committee have come together 
>to organise a Conference/ Seminar to enable the noted groups and the General

>public to come together to exchange information about the sad state of our 
>justice and gaol systems and positive changes which work.
>The disfunctional attitude prevailing in debates over multiculturism, etc 
>suggests that there may be room for some directional changes.
>We need a transformation of the thinking of people in the community who can 
>influence positive changes.There should be some positive goals for this 
>gathering such as.	
>                 1.To make the public aware of all of the information 
>                   available to fight crime.	
>                 2.To make the public aware of how to fight recividism.
>                 3.To form a coalition to provide directions for our
>                 4.Teaching Holistic Management, RC, Permaculture Landmark 
>                   Forum and Alternatives to Violence in Gaol.
>                 5. ?????

REPLY::  I have a great deal of experience working as a gardening and
permaculture teacher with prison inmates and also with "at risk" youth, all
of it quite successful.  While I'm not at present involved in such work, I'd
be interested in keeping in touch.  I'm sure we can't divert funds for me to
attend a conference in Australia, but I am very open to mutually appropriate
ways for me to contribute if the project desires.

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