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[Fwd: 1997 apprenticeships at dreamtime village]

Dreamtime Village website: http://net22.com/dreamtime
QAZINGULAZA: And/Was/Wakest website:
e-mail for DT & And/Was: dtv@mwt.net

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permaculture/gardening apprentice:

Gardening here is totally, organic, involving much soil preparation,
mound building, planting, feeding, weeding, mulching & harvesting of
plants.  It worked great for us to have more than one apprentice sharing
the work.  The main garden is well over an acre, another half acre
garden on our Beaver House property & we also have 2 forest gardens in
their beginning years which still need to have much planted up.  Garden
people should know the difference between, say, basil & coriander, & how
to use a shovel.  At least.  As for overall oversight, design & planning
of the garden, & tasks such as tree planting, grafting, propagation,
seed saving, catchment & pond construction, setting up a permaculture
resource library & reading area, desing & creation of the "town square"
lot. There are also dairy goats, chickens & ducks which require daily
attention.   Ideally apprentices have taken some version of a
permaculture design course, but it is not required.  Should be able to
begin by April & stay thru Oct harvest, canning & food preserving.  Food
& Lodging is $100/month for 20-30 hours a week help, & if capable of
doing more the price can be negotiated.

construction apprentice

With this apprenticeship, one learns how to renovate, repair, &
co-design new construction using recycled & available materials. 
Projects include finishing the straw bale hut; glazing, solarizing,
wiring & insulation, drywalling & site design at our Mansion house
property (which suffered a fire & requires complete remodeling).  We
also need several more greenhouses in various locations & our school
building has several rooms in need of plastering & remodeling. Some
experience with power tool & basic construction skills necessary & it
would help to have your own basic tools.  We would like at least 6 month
commitment if not more.  Food & Lodging is $100/month for 20-30 hours a
week help, & if capable of doing more the price can be negotiated.


dreamtime village needs a 1997 hypermedia apprentice

This position offers skills and experience in publishing, networking &
mail art, bookmaking, desktop publishing & hypermedia.  In addition to
the daily correspondence, photocopying, bookmaking, there are plenty of
specific projects to be tackled :  the neologism dictionary, an
electronic version of Dreamtime permaculture,  web page updates, posters
for events, issues of various magazines including Talkingmail &
Xerolage, new XE hardcopy catalogue, setting up of the Xexoxial archives
& a Dreamtime Library, & more.  We are also wanting to begin setting up
a more permanent bookmaking / paper arts studio in the school.
Hypermedia people should have basic skills on the Macintosh & be
familiar with quark, word, freehand or ilustrator, & hypercard.  Anyone
interested should be able to commit to at least 6 months, if not
longer.  Apprentices live on site in one of our houses, & are expected
to put in 20-30 hours/week in the office & participate in the daily
necessities like cooking,upkeep as well as weekly meetings.  Experience
with coop living & group process is helpful.  Cost is $100/month,
includes basic foods & a room.

for more info about dreamtime check out our website: 

& if you are interested in any of the positions, contact me soon, phone
is best, at 608-625-4619 or email dtv@mwt.net

Miekal And

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