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Re: Prairies for pasturage

> In a message dated 1/31/97 6:44:55 PM, mpludwig@students.wisc.edu (Mark
> Ludwig) wrote:
> >Mark, light weight prairie ecologist, says...
> >A major factor in the prairie system is the mix of C-3 (3 carbon
> >photosynthesis, or cool season) and C-4 (4 carbon, warm season) grasses
> >forbs.  
(snip for brevity)

Cup plant (Silphium
> >perfoiliatum) and native legumes, esp. lead plant (amorpha canensis)


Dan wrote:
> Mark, that's a really nice answer, which I am going to put into my files
> that subject as a gem.  However, you leave out the broadleaf plants
> altogether.

 I think that you will find that "Cup plant (Silphium
perfoiliatum) and native legumes, esp. lead plant (amorpha canensis)" are
all broadleaves.