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Re: solar gardening / worm compost

Dear Andrew,
I have had a small earthworm 'farm' for a couple of years now with which I
am pleased. So simple..In a large growing pot (17" diameter, 15" depth) I
have under a bench in the greenhouse, I put partially decomposesd compost,
peat moss, all sorts of peelings from fruits, soil and seeded it with little
'bundles' of red wigglers.  The worms have proliferated at an amazing rate.
I bury their food around the diameter in little pockets and what is left
behind in the former feeding place are rich worm castings to add to potting
mixtures.  I dig out a clump of worms from the pot to add to the compost I
take out to the garden pile to always be adding more worms to the pile. I
have grown quite fond of these little pets...odd, huh?  Better than an antfarm..