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Diņetah's Homepage


Lawrence F. London, Jr. - Venaura Farm - Chapel Hill, NC, USA
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Title: Diñetah's Homepage

Dinetah's Home Page

I welcome you !

Statement of Purpose:

It is my desire to provide in this page; and it's associated links, a resource that is useful to the Native American community, and to those persons interested in activities surrounding the Native American community and indigenous peoples worldwide. I do this as a service, from my heart, and would be very interested in your opinions and suggestions on what I could do to make this page better, and more usefull to you, the browser. You are my guest on this page, I welcome you. Please, if you experience any problems or have any suggestions for improvement E-mail me at the address located below. I have also included a guestbook below for your comments.
Enjoy your stay!

What about the RainForest, and ecology and all of that?

As space and time become available I can branch out and offer more than I can now. Check back to find files on Native Medicine, and endangered Sacred Sites and action alerts for ecological sites around the world. I also plan to offer a much larger storyteller's circle than the one online now.
At the StoryTeller's Circle , you can pull up a log, have a sit and listen to a stories
and legends from the sacred homelands.

Right now, I am still sitting up the Teepee, and moving in some stones for the camp.

Aho' Diñetah'

Things to Do here in Camp

  • "Wander through the Comanche Village" to learn more about the Comanche.
  • "An Old Man's stories around the Campfire"
  • "Tales from the Story Blanket Weaver" (In progress)
  • "Stroll over and watch the Pow-Wow" (Warning: Contains large images and sound.)

    Pathways leading onward in your quest.

  • " Go to the Intertribal Council of Houston's (ITCH) Home Page"
  • " Find a Pow-Wow or other NA event"
  • " Find Other Tribal and InterTribal Internet Sites"
  • " Find a list of Native American Art & Crafts Vendors"
  • " Find a list of Native American E-Mail Conferences"
  • " Find a list of Native American Schools and Educational Sites
  • " Find links to pages on Herbology and plant medicines.
  • " Visit the pages of my Net Friends " About Me<=== Select this button to find more about the author.

    I would like to know what you think of this page. Please E-Mail me with any comments or suggestions.
    My E-Mail address is Dinetah@flex.net

    Comments and suggestions are also welcome in my guestbook:
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