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The Burrow


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: The Burrow

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Worm World Inc.
Proud to Present...


The Burrow
Presents How To Raise 100 pounds of Worms

Part 1..
An Explanation of an Idea!
Fact Sheet #1
Bedding and
Bedding Materials

Compost Critters--Pests and Pest Control
Light and Dark in Regard to Worms
Business Claims
To Consider

Method of Reproduction
Willy the Worm's Wonderful Words of Wisdom
Science Fair Bins
Questionable Bedding?
The Smallest Horticulturist
Important, Strange, and Funny
Burton's Cool Page
A Bibliography of Worm-Related Books
Build Your Own Worm Bin
Larger-scale Worm Bin (Institutional)
Environmental Requirements for Redworms
Sorting and Sorters
Topics Which Are Yet to Come
The mandatory link page
Worm Composting With City Farmer
Introduction to Annelida
The Effect of Earthworms on Soil Improvement
International Ag-Sieve, Vol.7 (Vermiculture)
Earthworms in General
Worm Composting
Organic Gardening
Composting Information Via "RotWeb"
Worm FAQ
The Tree of Life
A Vermicomposting Primer
Worms in Grade One
The Gardeners Advantage
A Great Place to Buy Worms on the Net
The Worm Digest

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