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Call for Papers (fwd) (fwd)

I thought some one on this list may find use for this information.  Sorry 
about duplication if it has already been shared on this list.  
Jodee Kawasaki.
Montana State University Libraries

  International Conference on 
  Boston, Massachusetts, USA   March 19-21, 1997 

  Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy
  Henry A. Wallace Institute for Alternative Agriculture

  Papers are invited for a conference on how the nutritional value
  and safety of food is affected by the methods used to raise it.
  We are especially interested in alternative production systems
  that can provide more wholesome and healthful foods. 

  The conference is intended for researchers, agricultural
  producers, consumer groups, the food processing and marketing
  industry, and agencies concerned with agricultural policy. 

   o Effects of specific crop production techniques, such as crop
     variety, pesticide applications, and amount and type of
     fertilizer, on the nutritional value of foods and the
     occurence of undesirable substances

   o Effects of different livestock production practices on the
     healthfulness of meat, milk and eggs

   o Health and nutritional implications of reduced-chemical,
     organic, and alternative agricultural systems

   o Effects of crop production methods on storage qualities and
     post-harvest changes in nutritional value

   o Nutritional implications of obtaining foods from local
     versus distant sources

   o Relationship between the quality of the soil and the quality
     of the foods produced from it

   o Quality in the marketplace: Consumers' perceptions of the
     quality of food produced by different methods

   o Nutritional and food quality implications of other market
     demands on farm products, such as processing
     characteristics, appearance, or suitability for long-
     distance transportation 

   o Is there a tradeoff between high production and high
     quality, and if so, how might it be avoided?

   o The role of government agencies in promoting agricultural
     systems that produce healthful and nutritious foods.


   o Reports on new research
   o Reviews of current knowledge and research needs
   o Analysis of conceptual or methodological problems
   o Discussions of public policy implications. 


  If you are interested in presenting a paper at this conference,
  please mail three copies of an abstract (in English) of 200 to
  300 words, to be received by September 18, 1996 to: 
     William Lockeretz
     School of Nutrition Science and Policy
     Tufts University
     Medford, MA 02155 (USA)

  Notification of acceptance of papers will be sent by October 18.

  To accommodate the maximum number of presentations, both oral and
  poster sessions will be offered. Please indicate whether you are
  willing to present in each of these formats.
  Informal inquiries about the suitability of a topic are welcome
  via e-mail (wlockeretz@infonet.tufts.edu).
  A proceedings volume will include a selection of papers of
  broadest interest. 


  The proceedings volume from our previous conference,
  "Environmental Enhancement through Agriculture," is now
  available. For contents and ordering information, send an e-mail
  message to: wlockeretz@infonet.tufts.edu