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Island Press's Eco-Compass


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Island Press's Eco-Compass
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Welcome to Eco-Compass
Island Press is proud to present Eco-Compass, a new online resource providing cutting-edge information on environmental topics. Browse "Read Our Books" for information on specific Island Press titles, or click on the subject areas in the navigation bar (above) for features on 21 emerging environmental issues.

Recent Releases Highlight Nature's Services
Edited by Gretchen C. Daily, Nature's Services: Societal Dependence on Natural Ecosystems is a collaborative effort by world-renowned scientists to characterize the benefits and services provided by ecosystems and the extent to which we depend on those services.

In The Work of Nature: How the Diversity of Life Sustains Us, noted science writer Yvonne Baskin explains key findings from the ecological sciences, highlighting examples from around the world where shifts in species have affected the provision of clean air and water, fertile soils, lush landscapes, and stable natural communities.