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Permaculture Mailing List Information


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Permaculture Mailing List Information
This mailing list is for the discussion of permaculture and related topics.

This list is unmoderated.

Question and comments should be sent to permaculture-owner.

The mailing list archives are available on-line and can be searched.

How to Post to the Permaculture Mailing List

To post to the list send mail to: permaculture@GlobalGarden.com

You must be a subscriber in order to post.

How to Subscribe to Permaculture Mailing List

To subscribe to the list send email to permaculture-request with the body of the message containing:


How to Subscribe to the Permaculture Digest Mailing List

The digest will save all email messages for the day and send in one email message.

To subscribe to the digest form of the list send email to permaculture-digest-request with the body of the message containing:


Back issues are available for anonymous FTP from ftp.GlobalGarden.com, in pub/permaculture/digest/vNN.nMMM, where "NN" is the volume number, and "MMM" is the issue number.

How to Unsubscribe to the Permaculture Mailing List or Digest Mailing List

To unsubscribe send email to permaculture-request or permaculture-digest-request (depending on which version of the list you are subscribed to) with the body of the message containing:

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