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Eco-Village Information Service home page


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Eco-Village Information Service home page

Eco-Village Information Service

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new! [11th April]

Eco-Village Directory
The Farm, USA. . .Lebensgarten, Germany. . .Ladakh, India. . . Findhorn, Scotland
20 communites, from Russia to Argentina. . .

Eco-Village Businesses
What is a green business?. . . Links. . . Eco-village classified ads. . . Why market on the Web?
Promoting your business within this site. . . Resources for green entrepreneurs

Eco-Village Resources
Links to eco-villages around the world. . .Electronic resources. . .Eco-village classified ads

Gaia Trust
Our sponsor - Winner! Corporate Best Practices Award, UN Habitat II, 1996.. . .
Gaia Villages, permaculture. . .Gaia Technologies, green investment in Denmark

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Conferences, workshops, sorted into relevant categories.

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