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Eco Travels in Latin America


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Eco Travels in Latin America

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Eco Travels in Latin America

Updated April 1997
Español: Eco Viajes en America Latina
Deutsch: Okotourismus in Lateinamerika

Greetings and welcome to the Internet's foremost clearinghouse of environmental news and ecotourism information for the Americas. You'll find short articles and in-depth reports, book reviews, lists of travel providers and Spanish language schools. The best news - all of this is free - kudos to Planeta subscribers, friends of the website and Bahia Tours for this month's banner support.

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Eco Travel Resources


The prepared traveler should be well read, fit and ready for adventures. Here are some helpful materials to help you learn about the region, plan trips and learn the local language. If you have an environmental destination or service and would like to be listed, check the Rate Card.

Eco Travels Book Store (Reviews)

Resources (Classifieds/Publishers/Travel Providers)
Eco Travels Calendar | Latin American Enviro Calendar
Recipes - La Olla Latinoamericana - Melissa Biggs
Education Resources: Spanish Language Schools


Eco Travel Destinations

Know before you go! Check out the following pages for regional information. These pages are regularly updated.

Mexico | Borderlands (US-Mexico) | Central America | Caribbean South America | The Amazon



El Planeta Platica (The Earth Speaks) Newsletter

The Eco Travels website archives issues of the quarterly El Planeta Platica environmental tourism/ecotourism newsletter which addresses the needs of conscientious travelers who want to know more about Latin America. Click here for the Index. Just placed online - check out the debut of the special Mexico edition. The next issue focusing on Honduras appears in early May.



Eco Travel Topics

Here's information from previous issues of El Planeta Platica and the Eco Travels website cross-referenced and divided by specific issues:

Resources for Journalists/Periodistas | Environmental Technologies
Oil & Industry | Coffee & Agricultural Issues


Links to Related Sites

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B Environment B Latino/LatAm Sources B Tourism Center


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Your host of the Eco Travels in Latin America website is environmental writer Ron Mader, who jams on the Internet with a host of other writers and web-savvy communicators.

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Ron Mader, Publisher
El Planeta Platica: Eco Travels in Latin America
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