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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: GoldenHarvest


Loads of information at this site to help you work in harmony with nature. Take a look around these pages and see what interests you. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned gardener you may well glean some new information on natural gardening methods. Natural gardening isn't that hard to do and very effective. We will keep this site updated as we find any new techniques and products to report to you. Come back often to see what's new!

Cool Sites: All sorts of web sites you will find of  interest. From gardening to greenhouses to composting. As we find interesting sites they will be listed here
Companion Planting: A basic  guide of plants and tips that work in harmony with nature.
Critters: Wreaking havoc in the garden? Some suggestions. (quite a few!)
Garden Trivia: Facts and nothing but the facts.
Homemade Remedies: Insect or disease trouble? Homemade remedies for you to try. Check it out!
Rose Rx: Yep, just like it sounds.
Seed Sources: A mega resource of organic, heirloom, biodynamic, open pollinated, unusual, and rare seed companies.
Sowing Seeds: Tips to help get your seeds up and growing!
What's New?: Anything new we find that you will want to know about. Updated often!
Charts and more
Soil Amendments: Organic sources and nutrient deficiency symptoms.
Flower Chart: Annuals and perennials: germination periods, culture, blooming seasons.

Any comments on or something you would like to post at this site? Contact us:
E-MAIL: goldleaf@verinet.com


Updated: May 26, 1997

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