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A Search Question (fwd)

From: Barbara Ashley Phillips <baphillips@igc.org>

This beautiful prayer was sent to me last year on the net. It was 
attributed to the Governor-General of New Zealand who is said to have 
offered it at the V-J Day celebration.

I'm trying to find out who he is and when (and if) he delivered the 
If anyone has any leads, I'd appreciate them. I'm sharing the prayer as a
way of making up for imposing on the group with this question.   Barbara

Reconciliation begins with forgiveness when the question of who was right
and who was wrong ceases to matter.

Reconciliation blossoms when we look into the eyes of those who were our
enemies and recognize ourselves.

Reconciliation has a chance when difference is not challenged but celebrated
, when what we have in common becomes more exciting than telling over in 
loud self-righteous certainty the points on which we disagree.

Reconciliation becomes a living reality when people of all nations, with 
their unique perspectives and particular points of view, work together for 
justice and liberation for all people; 
When the limits of our compassion are the outer boundaries of all that we 
know and understand, all that we dream of and imagine.

But in the end, we will be truly reconciled
when you are as important