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Round-up, Chemicals and Soil (fwd)

To: "Douglas F. Gibbs" <dfgibbs@harborside.com>, :@gw.rvrvl.eepo.com.au
From: Barbara Ashley Phillips <baphillips@igc.org>
Subject: Round-up, Chemicals and Soil

This may have been covered earlier -- I didn't think so, however.

Apparently repeated use of Round-up adversely affects the soil. A sheep
rancher in Idaho tells me he has heavy clay soil. He sprayed his irrigation
ditch banks with Round-up for several years and says that now when he takes
a handful of soil, it won't make a ball any more. He thinks the soil
structure has been destroyed. He says it has something to do with a
microscopic fungus, mychorizzal ???, that may play a large role in how soil

Does any one know any more about this?

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