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Re: starter kits

Dear Victor,

I am thinking of making Permaculture 'Show Bags' for kids, to sell on
stalls.  The idea would be to use recycled objects for the contents,
together with appropriate stickers, seeds and instructions on fun activities
that are permaculturally sound.  If the cost could be kept right down, to
say $2-$2.50 I think they would sell well.  I would appreciate any ideas in
this direction.


>>Fellow Permies,
>>I noticed on one of the Bill Mollison videos that a Permacultural group at
>>an Agricultural Show was selling Permaculture Starter Kits.  I thought this
>>was a very good way to introduce people to the idea, and do some
>>fund-raising at the same time.  Does anyone have any ideas on what might go
>>into one of these kits?
>>Helen Coleman
>I would like more info on this as well. Thanks Helen. It is possible to
>sell starter kits via the Perma WEB page.
>PIWA members can advertise courses etc. there as well.
>          Vic
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