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Re: perm. definition

>Dear friends,
>As a new member I am proudly telling friends that I have joined the local
>Permaculture group.  However, as soon as I try to explain what this means,
>their eyes go glazed and they quickly become confused and disinterested!
>Does anyone have a user-friendly definition that makes sense to the layman,
>and will encourage people to find out more rather than put them off?
>Helen Coleman

Sustainable community, sustainable environment, sustainable agriculture with
home grown organic food, energy efficient homes, holistic management with
Chemical free living. A healthy way of living.

Monoculture as a sort of rule of thumb can only produce about 10% of the 
natural bush. The microcosm's around a house can produce all of the
environments from temperate to tropical. If the house covers half the block
in a 20in rainfall and we save the water from the roof area. and use it to 
grow food, we are effectively in a 40inch rainfall. Permaculturists believe
that we could produce the worlds food on 4.5% of the arable land.

 When I spoke to the SOMA group about Permaculture I found a quote which
defined Permaculture in 2 paragraphs. I read this to the group and then 
answered questions for the next 50 minutes. I can't find it.

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