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Scotty's Home Page


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Scotty's Home Page

Tom Nelson Scott's Academic Home Page

My academic, professional, and political interests are focused on the development of sustainable, farm-centered rural communities. These Ideal Communities, or ecovillages, incorporate one or more of the following features:

Design and construction of homes and communities.

Community related agriculture.

Environmentally sound wastewater treatment and disposal systems.

An ecovillage telecenter.

Gloria Starr Scott (6 years old) deconstructs family values.

Send academic email to:
Send business and political email to:

Tom Nelson Scott                  Phone/Fax: 1-414-966-2902
[company name]                    Business email: tom.scott@veda-home.com
W330 N8357 West Shore Drive       Student email: veda@csd.uwm.edu
Hartland WI 53029-9732            Student web: http://www.uwm.edu/~veda
                     "Do less, accomplish more."