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The Seattle Times: Special Reports


Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: The Seattle Times: Special Reports
Special Reports

Fear in the fields: how toxic wastes become fertilizer

A Seattle Times investigation found that, across the nation, industrial wastes laden with heavy metals and other dangerous materials are being used in fertilizers and spread over farmland. The process, which is legal, saves dirty industries the high costs of disposing of hazardous wastes.

Part I: Spreading heavy metals on farmland
Part II:How hazardous wastes become fertilizer
Across the nation: hazardous wastes being turned into fertilizer
Tag-along toxics
From factories to fields
Two approaches to toxins in fertilizer
Chart: heavy metals in fertilizers
What's known, and not known, about toxics, plants and soil
Experts: How to reduce risk
Resources on the World Wide Web
Here are some officials to call or write

HUD:  From Deregulation to Disgrace

Across the nation -- in tribe after tribe, state after state -- the Indian-housing program is riddled with fraud, abuse and mismanagement. The Seattle Times spent six months visiting reservations, interviewing tribal and government officials and reviewing records to find out what deregulation has wrought. The answer: It turned the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development into a cash machine, spitting out dollars with few restrictions.

Part 1: Tribal housing: From deregulation to disgrace
Part 2: The key to HUD's cashbox
Part 3: How a few got the best part of the HUD pie
Part 4: Federal aid for the wealthy
Part 5: HUD program is changing - for better or worse
The series
What to do
Where to write

Safety at Issue:  the 737
A five-part series examines the debate over safety that surrounds Boeing's 737.

The Seattle Times Top Stories archives - Safety at issue: the 737, part 1
The Seattle Times Top Stories archives - Safety at issue: the 737, part 2
The Seattle Times Top Stories archives - Safety at issue: the 737, part 3
The Seattle Times Top Stories archives - Safety at issue: the 737, part 4
The Seattle Times Top Stories archives - Safety at issue: the 737, part 5
About this series
Now it's your turn

Mariner '97

Try your luck at online games; read daily Mariner reports, stats, profiles and commentary

Your Financial Future

We show you how you can look ahead and start planning right now for a secure financial future no matter how old you are or what your situation is.

Personal Finance: Handing down a treasure that money cannot buy
Charting your course: Here's an outline by age
It's worth a careful search to find your ideal planner
Divvying up assets is key to top investment returns
`At least 20 percent in stocks' (and other guidelines)
The ABCs of CFPs (and other financial pros)
Where there's a will, there's less confusion
House isn't just a home, it's a piggy bank for some
When you're insuring, add-ons often a poor buy
Life insurance is still an important safety net
Debt Lite: Shedding ugly pounds of plastic
Money management
It's never too late, advisers say
Readers write
If you're denied credit, you're entitled to a report
Self-employed? Look at SIMPLE retirement plan

1997 Planting Calendar

The Seattle Times planting calendar, developed each year in time for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Month-by-month advice on how to make your garden grow. Also here are the winners of this year's Pacific Gardens Contest, sponsored by Pacific Magazine and the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in cooperation with the Arboretum Foundation.

Snow Sports Special

It's turning white outside so it's time to dust off your skiis and snowboards and head for the slopes. The Seattle Times gives you comprehensive information on ski areas in the Northwest and into Canada.

Snow Sports Special: Southern Exposure
About Mount Hood Meadows
What's new
The best & worst
The world comes to Whistler
Snowboard wars are over
Ski-lift rates
Nordic Skiing directory
Alpine skiing directory
Skiing Web sites

Marriage in the '90s
Who's getting married these days, and why? The answers might surprise you. "Marriage in the '90s", a series by The Seattle Times' Scene staff, chronicles the state of the institution today.

Marriage in the '90s: For better, for worse
Marriage in the '90s: Children of divorce
Marriage in the '90s: 15 years later, where are they now?
Marriage in the '90s: Marriage in training
Marriage in the '90s: Marriage, the second time around
Marriage in the '90s: A "good" divorce"

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