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Lawrence F. London, Jr.
Title: Village: Mailing Lists

The Village

A set of links to topics of interest to the
Self-Sufficient Sustainable Village

Mailing Lists

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Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists have been gleaned over the months from people who already are cross-subscribed to many. They are selected because each one addresses some or several aspects of living in harmony with the Universe.

For those unfamiliar with mailing list technology, lists are managed by software called a "list server" and the list server has an email address. To subscribe to any list, send a message to the list server where the content of the message is SUBSCRIBE [NAME OF LIST] [YOUR NAME] (without the brackets). Upon subscribing, you will receive a welcome message that describes the content of the list, gives you the email address for posting messages to the list, and provides you with necessary information about configuring receipt of messages to suit your needs.

The following index is not meant to be exhaustive or exclusive; it is meant to provide some kind of order to sorting through the many lists that are out there.


Small community/neighborhood building
Co-Housing (Cohousing)
EcoBalance (EcoVillages)

Re-visioning existing towns & cities
CSA-L(Community Supported Agriculture)

Interpersonal Relations
Poly (polyamory)
MV2SPK (Community building based on Scott Peck model).

New Economic Arrangements
ECON-LETS(community currency systems)


Building Methods

AE (Alternative Energy)

Growing things
CSA-L(Community Supported Agriculture)
BD-L (Bio-Dynamics)



Environmental Awareness

Indigenous Peoples



Lifestyle Issues
bk2basics (Back to Basics)

Other lists of lists:

(For an email version of this information, send the message info evlists to REQUESTS@GAIA.ORG. Thanks to Stephan Wik and the EcoVillage Information Service for making this autorespond file possible).

AGRISYNERGY is an unmoderated, international, public forum for the exchange of information and communication among those involved in the production, marketing, or distribution of food crops and the related fields of research, engineering, education and agricultural extension service. AGRISYNERGY invites discussion of topics such as alternative cropping systems, sustainable agriculture, biodynamics, biointensive agriculture, Kyusei Nature Farming, permaculture, organic farming, raised beds, square foot gardening, French intensive systems, no-till farming, mulching, composting, remineralization, radionics, paramagnetism, low frequency sound, or similar areas of investigation and practice.

AE (Alternative Energy)

ALLERGY discusses all types of human allergies - how allergies influence our health and lifestyles, treatments for allergies from the consumer perspective and experience, self-help prevention of allergy symptoms, allergy self-care, allergy support systems and basic facts about these topics.


BK2BASICS where we talk about issues related to return to basic ways of living and achieving happiness. It is a discussion group for people who wish to learn the know-how of the good-ole-days for future living survival skills. We are interested in maintaining our self-reliance and independence in the present-day and future. Topics may include living off the land, medical self care, how to grow and use herbs as medicinal plant foods, building community, home schooling, environmental resotration, low input sustainable agriculture, collective gardening techniques, making rather than purchasing products.

BIOENERGY Discussion of biomass as a sustainable energy resource, intended to involve industry, academia and government.

BIOREGIONAL The purpose of this list is to provide a forum to exchange ideas and suggestions about bioregionalism across bioregional boundaries -- a place for "global to meet local". Discussion should support projects which foster design and evolution of healthy, interdependent and self-reliant communities.

COHOUSING-L Is primarily a 'working' discussion among people heavily involved in developing cohousing. As such introductory messages and even messages about the joys of cohousing are infrequent. Our WWW site includes resources for newcomers to the idea of cohousing.

COOPERATIVEN-L is a source of news from and about co-operatives and co-operation. Subscribers are invited to provide news releases and either full or edited extracts from their newsletters. The list is moderated to guarantee the co-operative integrity of the list. The purposes of the list are 1) To provide education, training and information for members, elected representatives, managers and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of their cooperatives; 2) To inform the general public - particularly young people and opinion leaders - about the nature and benefits of cooperation; and 3) To strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, regional, national, and international structures.


COMMUNITY_GARDEN The Community Garden List is housed at the University of Arizona. This list was established to allow Master Gardeners and others interested in devloping or enhancing community gardening programs to communicate via email. Please use this list to post information about community gardening events and opportunities, to ask for information on community gardening projects, and to connect with other community gardeners.

CSA-L is for networking on Community Supported Agriculture. We hope to see discussions on goals, distribution styles, outreach tools, member retention, educational work, connections with non-CSA organizations, etc. We also would like to see the exchange of newsletter articles and information about resources on CSA such as networking organizations, books, journals, videos, audio tapes from conferences, speaker tours of interest to CSAs, etc. In short, we would like to take advantage of the collective knowledge of as many CSA's as possible to help the CSA movement grow and strengthen.

ECOBALANCE A discussion group dedicated to the creation and maintenance of self-sufficient, sustainable communities, in which people live in harmony with each other and with nature. A full range of human communities are represented, from the individual household,to a cluster of households (cohousing), to neighborhoods and cities. A number of participants are working to form Ecovillages - newly created communities embodying within them the principles of living in harmony with nature and each other.

ECOCITY - sustainable urban development

ECON-LETS This list is intended for the open and informal discussion of economic, social and telematics issues surrounding the development of LETS and similar community currencies.


EVFINANCE - the discussion list for financing and fundraising for eco-villages and sustainable community.

The list will be open for discussions on all aspects of community financing, i.e: local currencies, community banks, community insurance, investment funds, soft loans, community businesses, fundraising, other community-based economic initiatives, financial barriers etc, etc.

GAIA-L is to provide a forum for the discussion of Gaian theory and practice, in order to help create and disseminate a worldwide Gaia movement, a shared global postindustrial culture based on awareness of humanity's embeddedness in, and dependence upon, a healthy biosphere.

GREENBUILDING - a discussion forum on green design and construction.

GREENCLIPS is a summary of recent articles in the media on sustainable architecture and related government and green business issues. It covers green building strategies and innovative case studies, new technologies and products, research findings, legislation and green business issues.

HEALTHE is a moderated list with the following goals:
1) Educate the general public about potential environmental threats to physical, emotional, and psychological health and well-being. Present information on ways to recognize environmental factors that may already be causing health problems or that may lead to future ones. Discuss the effects of environmental exposures (from biological and chemical pollutants to indoor air quality and sick school/building syndrome), along with basic information regarding the potential human health impact of radiation, magnetic fields, and genetically engineered food products.

2) Develop management strategies to reduce the health risks and stay healthy in an increasingly toxic world. Areas of consideration will include lifestyle and dietary changes, exercise, conventional medicine, holistic healing, and integrative medicine. Step-wise programs of reasonable changes, starting with the individual and proceeding to community and global issues.

3) Work together with medical, scientific, legal, and industrial communities and media towards finding solutions to prevent environmentally caused health problems for the individual; as well as considerations regarding the development of worldwide safeguards to protect our air, water, and other valuable resources.

IMMUNE - We discuss immune system disorders such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Lupus, Candida, Asthma, etc. It is a support group for people with the conditions and those who know and work with them.

MV2SPK is a mailing list for people who have been to a Community Building Workshop sponsored by Scott Peck's "Foundation for Community Encouragement, or who are interested in the Community Building methods of Peck's books "Different Drum" and "World Waiting to be Born". Individuals with other community building backgrounds and interests are also welcome but the forum is expected to maintain an emphasis on Peck's process.

NATCHAT is for discussing information and ideas about the indigenous peoples of the world.

NATIVE-L is similar to a news service in which daily postings are articles giving information about current affairs affecting indigenous peoples of the world.

PARACELSUS The primary focus of this list is the clinical practice of natural medicine, alternative therapies and complementary healthcare. All schools of medicine and all therapeutic modalities are welcome, though subscription to PARACELSUS is limited to health care professionals.

PERMACULTURE is about designing ecological human habitats and food production systesm. It is an approach to land use which integrates human dwellings, microclimate, annual and perennial plans, animals, soils, and water management into stable, productive communities.

There are two permaculture lists, owned by some of the same people but hosted at different sites, and yet a third list hosted independently at a third site. As yet, it is not clear how these lists differ from one another.

POLY The central topic of this list is Polyamory -- i.e. polyamorous relationships, people who are polyamorous (or might want to be), and directly related topics such as dealing with emotions, legal issues, child-raising, being "out", etc.

STRAWBALE is intended to foster the free exchange of ideas regarding straw bale construction.

TREE-HOUSE is an eco-friendly Internet forum for all who care deeply about the greening of public streets and gardens in their hometowns, who think about "downtown" as a good place for growing trees.

VISIONS is a mailing list that allows persons with a vision for a Light Center in their community to express their vision and call for ideas, comments and assistance from others to bring their vision a step closer to manifestation in the earth experience. Discussions and messages on this list are limited to creating community Light Centers.

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