Re: organic farming

Hello, Dan 

Thanks for sharing your post to Andrew with the list.
i can sense from your posts that we share many of the same ideas.
I've been a long time reader of OG, Countryside, and a have read widely on
organic farming, biodynamic farming, and what I can find on permaculture.
I agree with Bill Mollison's concepts , and also the need for holistic

I'm trying to turn my farm into a showcase/education center for sustainable
ag, permaculture.

Though I may be better versed than Andrew in the methods..your sage, and
sobering advice is well noted. I, too, have come to the conclusion that
unless you can market directly to the customer, and achieve a reasonable
return on your labor ala Joel Salatin it's hard to make a go of it.

I'd like to start a small CSA for approximately 50 people initially at $500
per share. My farm is near Greenwood , South carolina. I've got two large
ponds of over3acres and a mix of pasture and cut over pine. I'd also like to
include livestock to better utilize farm produce, and improve soil etc.

My problem is trying to work out some sort of continuous production schedule
that can be handled by two people, and that will produce sufficient high
quality produce for shareholders that represent a good value to them.

I could really use some advice on the laying out of the intensiv e raised
beds, and the selections, and amounts of seed or transplants to put in.

I tend to be quite conservative and would probably estimate my initial yields
at 50% of what proven local results are.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on the above. I realize that certain of
your conditions may not be the same, but that certain principles, and tips
that you and others have found work, may also work in my area.

I'd appreciate comments on any of the above from other experienced gardeners,
CSA'ers etc.  

Best wishes to all.   Frank